TNT trap

"Let's make a TNT wall trap", you suggest. "A what?", asks Connor. "A TNT trap, if we get can make a contraption to come out of the ground and surround her in a TNT container, she'll be blown to kingdom come!", you repeat. "Its a good idea", says James. "And it just might work. Alright, lets do it!", says Connor. He hands out a potion of speed II to each James and you. You all drink it and race off to build it. Lady Digona, confused follows you as fast as she can. You immediately start to build. The speed potion speeds up the process by a lot. after about 5 minutes, you're almost done and see her coming and still searching for you. After you finally finish the trap, you see her walk right into the zone and then a wall of TNT comes around her, and folds into a huge cube of TNT around her. Then you light the TNT and all of you guys drink another potion of speed and race off as far as you can. You hear a loud noise in the distance. After You see the explosion, you all race back to the site of the explosion. You check to see if she's dead, and sure enough, her inventory of potions is lying there in the middle of the crater.

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